General Programme Overview

The workshop will review recent progress on silicon based vertex detectors and underlying technologies. Apart from the scientific program, different social events are scheduled.

Detailed Programme

The indico agenda page including the full list of talks is now available following this link.

Session Timetable

Session Overview

We will have eight sessions in total, six full sessions with 6 talks each and two shorter sessions with about 4 talks.
The sessions will be:

  • Future Directions
    Session Organizer: R. Brenner
  • Detector Performance
    Sesson Organizer: D. Bortoletto, M Krammer
  • LHC Detector Performance (Tracking, Alignment & Physics)
    Session Organizer: G.M. Bilei, M. Krammer
  • Radiation Hardness
    Session Orangizer: C. Parkes, M. Dragicevic
  • Device and Detector Simulation
    Session Organizer: P. Collins
  • Electronics, Trigger, 3D integration
    Session Organizer: M. Friedl
  • New Detectors (LHC Upgrades & other Experiments)
    Session Organizer: L. Eklund, D. Bortoletto
  • Non-HEP Applications
    Session Organizer: E. Koffeman, T. Bergauer