Conference Venue

The conference will take place in the Seehotel Rust in the picturesque village of Rust at Lake Neusiedl. 

Lake Neusiedl

The meeting will take place near Lake Neusiedl, a shallow steppe lake approximately 60 km south-east of Vienna, straddling the Austrian-Hungarian border. The lake is located in the Pannonian Basin, also called "Puszta" in Hungary. This is a completely other type of landscape like one may expect in Austria, which is usually more related to mountains, skiing and alpine villages.

The cultural landscape around the lake has been awarded by UNESCO as World Heritage Site in 2001, because of its unique nature and wildlife. Most of the lake is surrounded by reeds which serve as a habitat for a large number of birds like storks.

Rust am See

The village of Rust (official name "Rust am See", lit. Rust at the Lake) is located at the western shore of the Lake Neusiedl. It is a picturesque village founded 1317 a.d., although the region is already populated since more than 2000 years.

Nowadays, the village has 1800 inhabitants, which are mostly working in tourism and viticulture. The town center with its buildings from the 16th century is a cultural heritage and world famous for the large population of storks, which are sitting on the chimneys of many buildings.